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“Platform is your multifaceted effort to make your brilliance and business known in a variety of ways through being an expert, speaker, teacher, impresario, and influencer which enhances your visibility, profitability, and your message.”

BRANDI MITCHELL, founder The Platform Agency


Our mission is to help you create a life that you love by maximizing your expertise through packaging what you do so that you earn money on autopilot. We believe the world needs to see, feel, learn, and experience that special thing you do.


Whether you’re launching a brand-new product or business or taking your existing expertise to a new level of visibility, we’re here to help you greenlight your big dreams to create a profitable reality.

We have a proven, innovative approach to celebritizing your platform through telling your narrative clearly and powerfully and turning your expertise or project into content that is easily monetized, teachable, and automated leading to passive revenue.

Messaging & Positioning

Course & Digital Product Creation

Speaking & Live Events

Visibility & Monetization

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